Do you need a little Joby?

  • 4 March 2019
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Do you need a little Joby?
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Tripods & Time-Lapse

Time-lapse or hyperlapse photography until relatively recently was only really an option, or perhaps it's fair to say, was more commonly placed within the DLSR / Enthusiast camera world. While already expensive items on there own they also require a computer and the appropriate photography editing software. So yeah not exactly cheap and completely out the reach of most normal folks wallets and skill sets, I include myself in both those categories.
Modern phones of course have completely changed this, with many phones having time-lapse / hyperlapse built directly into their camera software.
Even if your phone doesn't have this feature, fear not, there is a myriad of free apps available that offer the same if not even more functionality (more on that later).

So when I was given the opportunity to test out a tripod I immediately thought of giving time-lapse a go (actually that's a complete lie as I originally thought of waterfalls but @AliFord beat me to it and you can read his excellent blog here 😉).

The tripod arrived ⬆️, it's the Joby griptight ONE GP magnetic impulse £25-£30, which is the baby brother to this one featured here ⬇️ (another excellent blog by @picitup)

So this is basically a smaller and less expensive option that actually has a few unique features of it's own. For instance a tiny bluetooth remote that basically activates the shutter button (group selfies anyone) and magnetic feet that gives yet more mounting options: fridges ,radiators and cars* (*stationary please🙀). I found the magnets strong enough to easily hold the phones weight and the tiny remote clips to the tripod when not in use.

How to use the time-lapse options on the mate 20 pro
I initially thought that I could do a quick tutorial of how to use the time-lapse options on the mate 20 pro in conjunction with the tripod, however it's literally put phone on tripod, point at subject and press record. That's pretty much it .....the built in option has no options 🙈, so thats it tutorial done right?.

Well no because I'm somewhat of a geek regarding tech and had already googled time-lapse photography to see if I could pick up some tips and tricks, here's a brief facsimile from what I can gather:

1 - A tripod will make your shots much easier
2 - Frame the scene like you would a good photograph
3 - Dont use auto focus, focus to infinity is preferable
4 - Set a fixed exposure to help avoid flicker
5 - Choose the correct frame intervals:

Clouds moving slow 10 seconds
Clouds moving normal 5 seconds
Clouds moving fast 3 seconds
People walking 2 seconds
Stars or moon 20 to 30 seconds.

The astute among you will realize that option three and onwards are impossible on the mate 20 pro, as the built in time-lapse is just a simple point and shoot affair which although super easy is kind of limited. Also slightly limiting is the 720p maximum resolution which is a bit weird, however I digress, as mentioned earlier there are many free apps available that have all these features available. I tried Framelapse pro which although limited to the main and selfie camera lenses does allow the option of shooting up to 4k resolution and all the other required settings for a more varied time-lapse experience. One slight niggle I did find was that the bluetooth remote only works with the stock camera app, if I'd known beforehand I may not have attached the tripod quite so high up a pole 🙈.

So I'd recommend going with the stock camera app for super easy almost point and shoot time-lapse videos or if you need either the wide angle lense or zoom options.

If you want a more comprehensive option check out one of the many time-lapse apps available, framelapse is excellent but perhaps you know another great option?

So would I recommend the Joby tripod?
It's definitely the kind of product that can take your photography skills to another level and well worth the money in my opinion: time-lapse, waterfalls and stars. So many other options all made easier if not only possible with a tripod. So yes absolutely recommended.

Turns out I do need a Joby, Maybe you do to 😁


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@Jase and excellent blog! Very easy to read and full of good advice on practical examples. This will save anyone time experimenting with the features to get the right effect.

I had a play with bluetooth controllers and found that the mocute 039 worked well with Open Camera here:

It's actually a game controller and costs about 8 quid.

You can use it along with Button Remappers from Google Play for maximum flexibility.


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Thanks Steve, also thanks for the additional info about the Bluetooth controllers thats very useful indeed 👍.

Kind regards, Jase