How to use AI Cinema Mode on Mate 20 series

  • 28 February 2019
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How to use AI Cinema Mode on Mate 20 series
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Movie is a very popular art form. Many people have a movie dream in their hearts, hoping to make their own movies. The Mate 20 series has added an AI Cinema Mode. With the AI Cinema Mode, you can shoot your own movies with your phone. I experienced this feature with my friend yesterday. It was great.

Check out the different modes below. Which one is your favorite? 😊

Ultra wide screen ratio
The Mate 20 series AI Cinema Mode adds 21:9 resolution in the same proportion as the cinema widescreen: 2560*1080 and 1680*720. It is recommended to select these two resolutions when shooting in movie mode, which makes the film more beautiful.

The AI Cinema Mode is opened in the recording interface. There is a small magic wand icon in the lower left corner of the screen, which is the label of this mode. Click to select five modes, as shown below.

Video anti-shake is turned on by default in AI Cinema Mode. The video anti-shake has the ability of six-axis anti-shake, which has a good correction effect on the image jitter caused by the shaking of the mobile phone during hand-held shooting, so that the hand-held shooting is no longer blurred. We can make movies anytime, anywhere.

1. AI colour
The AI Cinema Mode contains multiple algorithms that can take different film and television effects. Among them, the AI color algorithm can automatically recognize the characters in the picture through the AI algorithm, and remove the background color except the character body, and process it into black and white, thereby achieving the effect of highlighting the subject. Just like the classic red girl lens in the classic movie "Schindler's List", the AI color algorithm can be easily implemented.

2. Background blur
Background blur, as the name suggests, can automatically identify the characters in the picture and blur the background outside the characters. The whole picture, you are the clearest.

3. Vintage
The Vintage mode filters the shots so that the film has an old time feel. At the same time, when the algorithm recognizes the subject, it also blurs the background, making the subject seem to be immersed in the nostalgic atmosphere.

4. Suspense
Do you like horror suspense movies? The film mode has a suspense algorithm that cools the picture so that the whole picture is in a gloomy atmosphere. Look at the picture I took of my friend, it's just like a horror movie!

5. Fresh
Is there anyone who likes fresh style like me? The movie mode also has a special fresh algorithm, and the AI algorithm is paired with a fresh filter to let you embrace youth immediately.

It is so cool. Try it with your mate 20 series phone, it’s very interesting!

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Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try out some of these modes now. 🙂