Huawei Freelace review

  • 15 May 2019
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So I've had my eye on the Huawei Freelace for a while and seeing a set on eBay for £55, took a gamble and I'm pleased to say it paid off. Here's a brief review for your enjoyment.

Contained within is the Freelace, a charging cable for use with a standard USB charger, a quick start guide and earbuds of several different sizes to ensure a good fit for most.

The main attraction

The Freelace feel great to wear. The flexible rubberised material ensures a nice soft fit whilst also ensuring there's no tangles to worry about when not being worn. The battery is on the left and the controls are on the right which ensures a nice balance when worn. The different earbuds ensure a good fit. There's even some vented ones which come in handy for use in situations where you'd still like to hear outside sounds.

Hi-pair sounds extremely convenient however it unfortunately only works with EMUI 9.1 and up. Thankfully, pairing the normal way only takes a matter of seconds, a voice confirmation signals once pairing succeeds.

Charging is easy, simply pull apart from the volume controls and plug the USB C cable in to the phone or supplied USB adapter. If using the phone, an icon appears to indicate battery level. This icon is visible when the Freelace are paired via Bluetooth.

Battery life is too early to tell for me however the battery charges extremely quickly and if the battery is low, an audible alert is played through the Freelace. The below screenshot shows the icon on the top right.

The Freelace controls are contained on the right when worn and contain volume buttons, a pause/assistant button to stop/play music as well as open the Google assistant. Below is a shot of the controls with the USB c port exposed.

Another awesome feature of the Freelace is the fact that placing the earbuds together will disconnect them and pause music. Simply pulling them apart again will reconnect them and if you're receiving a call, answer it for you.

To my ears, the Freelace sound great with a nice level of bass and enough detail so that sounds sound nice and clear. Please don't expect studio headphone quality but for the portability and practicality on offer, they're the best earbud type headphones I've ever used.

The battery and volume controls are made out of metal to give a nice solid feel. The buds have metal end caps to give a premium finish. The "lace" is a soft, rubber band which contains a flexible metal to ensure a tangle free experience.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


4 replies

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Lovely review! Thank you for taking the time to write it all up.
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Update on the battery. I've worn the Freelace for at least 11 hours today and they still claim to have 40% battery remaining. I've noticed that not only is there a battery icon, there's also an on-screen popup that briefly appears when pulling the earbuds apart. A nice feature indeed although I think it could be made better by making the battery icon a shortcut to remaining battery %.

Hope to buy these soon. Thank you for the post.
Did you have any problems with switching them on?