Huawei P30 Pro - A Low Light Aspect

  • 3 June 2019
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Huawei P30 Pro - A Low Light Aspect
We all love taking pictures, in fact we all take so many pictures these days, we then upload to Instagram, Facebook, some-other-online-social-something-something and that is why we like to have a device which takes amazing pictures. Well the Huawei P20 Pro, a phenomenal award winning device, with amazing AI, came out April 2018 to be used for our photo needs; people “ooooh’d” and people “aaaaah’d” with the P20 Pro, Huawei however, decided to up the bar again this year and took the awesomeness of the P20 Pro, upgraded it and they unveiled the Huawei P30 Pro!

There is so much to say about this device, however, I am not gonna go on about every aspect that makes the device awesome cos then you’d have no time to use it yourselves, So, I am going to be discussing the ‘Low light’ feature. Now let me stress, the majority of the pictures you see here are taken on the Mate 20 Pro or P30 Pro and there are no special features activated or special lens used, just the Standard & Wide-Angle camera preinstalled on the phone. Just to show the difference.

I am one of the people I mentioned above. I love taking pictures with my phone, this is the main reason I have a phone (well obviously so my work can still contact me through WhatsApp on my days off!) and I am just gutted I didn’t have it in Paris recently as I visited the Catacombs, the ‘Low light’ feature would have been handy. (Here are some pics taken on the Mate 20 Pro)

Now let me explain why a P30 Pro would have been handy in the depths of the Paris Catacombs…..

The ‘Low Light’ feature is possible on the P30 Pro via the new lens, which lets in much more light when taking a picture especially when somewhere dark (be it a concert, outside at night or wherever else you want to take a clear pic in very dark surroundings!) which in turn creates a clear, easy to see picture!!

What better way to show what I mean than by taking a few photos and enjoying the comparison! I took my P30 Pro Amber Sunrise, and started to take some late-night pictures to test the low light abilities.
NOTE: ISO controls the brightness of a photo. F is the aperture (how big the shutter opens, the smaller the number the bigger the lens opening.) S is the shutter speed. EV is exposure value and a number that represents combination of shutter speed and f number. Also the time and is there in the date stamp, Aberdeen is never this bright at this time of night! But we occasionally do get Sun!!!

These pics were taken 15 seconds apart, and are both are of the same place, my back gate at 00:21am. (Everyone takes random pictures after midnight!!). You can see with the information from the pictures how different they truly are and that is the phone doing it, not the user! (At 00:21am my brain doesn’t do very well, trust me!)
It is amazing how different the two pictures truly are. I also took these ones, before someone thinks I took a pic of a black sheet of paper!!

It was fun trying to take good low light pictures, hope you all enjoy reading about it...Actually why don't you all post your best low light pictures in the comments below and see how good a Low Light picture you can get!

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Nice photos and good detailed explanation!

The Pro phones low light performance is second to none 😀
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Great read mate