Huawei ranked 61st on Fortune Global 500, 47th on Brandz

  • 26 July 2019
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Thanks to the dedication of Huawei staff, the support of fans and the backing of customers, Huawei has managed to reach the 61st spot on the Fortune Global 500 2019 ranking, up from 72th last year.

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Richard Yu, had this to say:

Our continued elevation in the Fortune 500 list rankings is yet another notable marker of success for the company in 2019. Our dedication to delivering the latest technologies to our customers, with a sharp focus on innovation through commitment to investing in R&D has enabled us to continue to enjoy record success.

Meanwhile, in the Top 100 most valuable brands ranking, Huawei has managed to claim the 47th spot, up from the 48th spot from last year.

Thanks to Huawei's continous investment in research & development, the company has brought, this year alone, the best smartphone camera so far on the market, with an advanced quad-camera set-up on the P30 Pro. The company also showcased their first foldable smartphone, the Mate X, as well as one of the first 5G smartphones, the Mate 20 X 5G, coming out today (26th) on some markets.

On Enterprise and Carrier level, the company has showcased and launched new products, such as their server-oriented Kunpeng 920, their new Ascend AI chips, new OceanStor Dorado servers, their 5G Tiangang core chip for 5G base stations, new CloudEngine switches for data centres, and many other industry-leading products, further reinforcing the company's position in these segments.

Despite challenging times, Huawei's future hasn't looked as bright as it looks right now, with the company focused on bringing ditigal to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

3 replies

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As much as I'm a Huawei fan user, that picture seems a bit spooky to me..👻
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Seeing as the name Huawei was nearly unknown in the UK a few years ago and I had only heard of them last year; this just shows how well known they are and that they aren't just another smartphone maker.

I know their smartphones are the tip of the Huawei isceberg but it is this that is raising their profile beyond others as they are the only manufacturer who is pushing innovation and design forward. Whereas every other company is copying each other.
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At this point it seems past leaders are too tired of bothering innovating and are just sitting on their past success.

Huawei's overall size is hard to gauge. Ignoring the fact the company is the world's second biggest smartphone manufacturer (let's ignore BBK Electronics, who own Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus and all the subbrands...) and does other products such as accessories, laptops, wereables, etc:

Huawei Solar is no.1 in the inverter market, with 1/3 of the marketshare:

Huawei Marine is one of the key players in underwater cable laying:

Huawei Enterprise is one of the market leaders for networking solutions and servers, such as their all-flash OceanStor Dorado solutions or their network switches. The company also likes to talk about "AI", due to their entire portfolio having some kind of AI solution at this point:

Huawei's Carrier business is also currently a market leader, providing to carriers eveything they need for deploying/upgrade existing networks to 5G. The company is also a leader in 4G/4G LTE:

HiSilicon in terms of revenue is bigger than Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), providing solutions such as smarpthone SoCs and other smartphone parts [to Huawei], server chips, connectivity parts (Balong, etc), with HiSilicon also supplying an estimated 60% of the market for chips of security cameras, 70% in China, chips found in TVs of major brands such as Sharp (30%+ market share in China), millions of IoT chips shipped, found in most common products at home, such as smart fridges/washing machines.

Huawei is also currently a market-leader in Smart Cities solutions

Some lesser-known solutions provided by the company yet heavily advertised are their eLTE solutions for industry, safety and other markets.

I am indeed forgetting many products, such as RuralStar, their own SSDs, etc, then again I am not trying to showcase everything Huawei does, otherwise I would have to spend quite a long time on it. Already gathering all this short info took me a while😥
yes I am indeed sitting on all these pictures, "borrowed" *wink wink* from "various" places. Doubt Huawei cares at all while they are not misused. Still got "a few" more😂