Mate20 X 5G normal user review

  • 26 August 2019
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Mate20 X 5G normal user review
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I have been lucky enough to receive and use the Mate20 X 5G for 7 days.

I did not keep the phone after the review and have not received any financial incentive to provide my unbiased review.

My review is based on my personal experience with using the phone whilst being a tourist to London for a short get away. I will be using the terms X5G for this phone and PRO for the Mate20 Pro; of which I have owned for nearly a year.

When you first unbox the phone, you realise how much of a difference having a 7.2" screen makes in terms of phone size.

Below shows the Mate20 X 5G next to the Mate20 Pro.

Whilst it doesn't look like much of a difference, it really is when you actually use the phones.

The two phones are fairly comparable in nearly every aspect.
Full Specification comparison

Both the phone models here are dual sim or single sim with Huawei NM Card option.

X5G (EVR-N29) vs Pro (LYA-L29)


  • Bigger screen
  • 5G when available in your area (no extra cost for Three users)
  • Added readability for those who need it (elderly, visual deficit users).
  • Brilliant as a Camera and Photo viewer.


  • No QI charging (Wireless)
  • No curved screen.
  • Fingerprint sensor in back instead of under screen.
  • EMUI 9.1 doesn't scale enough for this size screen.


The screen being 7.2" is great for many reasons. Map navigation, video and image playback and also for anyone who struggles to see content on their current phone. I know my mother struggles to see her phone and has to hold it at just the right length and strain her eyes to read things.

Even with the text size set to smallest and the display resolution set to highest (EMUI 9.1) the icons and text on the screen is comically large and I ended up using Microsoft Launcher instead of the default launcher which resolved this for me. If the text size or resolution allowed for even more shrinkage then it would have been perfect.

The X5G is a slab of a phone, there are no refined curves on the edges of the screen like the PRO so it feels even more chunky in the hand.


I purchased a flip cover to protect the X5G, just as I did with the PRO. The X5G still fit in my pocket.

This cover made using the fingerprint sensor a problem for me as I am a leftie and put the front cover behind the phone when I use it normally. The PRO has the fingerprint sensor under the screen but the X5G has it in the classic location of below the camera module. This wouldn't cause any issues for a right handed user.

General Use

As already mentioned I travelled to London but I also visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I took both the PRO and the X5G and found that I preferred to use the X5G for taking photos and getting around using Google Maps this meant that I only swapped back to the PRO when the battery died on me at the end of the day. Maps provide that little extra width on the screen to display more information regarding station names and train destination etc without having to drill dowen into the journey.

Battery life

I managed to use the X5G for 5 hours of photography, a 2 hour car journey and gaming.
The next two days I used the X5G for Google Maps to help get around london by walking and by tube. I also used it to take photos and videos of the usual touristy things.
I was impressed that I rarely had to switch back to my PRO at all. I only did so once back in my hotel room when I put the phone on to charge for the next day.


For photography, I never used the flash on the camera and relied on Huawei's Master AI for all shots. I am no photographer and rely on the phone to get my results.

One of the people I was with took a digital camera with zoom lens and commented that my results blew hers out of the water.


I enjoyed my time using the Mate20 X 5G and already miss the larger screen.
I couldn't experience 5G: I use Three and they had not switched on their network at the time I tested the device and I just know that it will make a vast and positive impact on your overall application and internet experience.

This phone is a great upgrade for anyone who's not already rocking any of 2108-19's flagship phones. I personally wouldn't upgrade to this handset due to the cons I noted above and it's almost identical internals to my beloved Mate20 Pro; making it a side-grade for me.

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