P30 Pro Super Spectrum

  • 6 May 2019
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P30 Pro Super Spectrum
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I'm just an ordinary guy that happens to like technology. I'm pretty brand agnostic, the technology behind the products is more interesting to me than who actually makes it. This is what ultimately led me to owning Huawei products and in turn being involved within the community.

Being offered to test out some of the latest products has been unexpected benefit of this participation and one that I'm guessing most geeks like myself are more than happy to oblige with.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the P30 pro was it's premium feel, it's a substantial phone to hold, fairly large, weighty, but ultimately a very pretty looking phone with a great screen to body ratio. I'm pleased Huawei are persisting with the gradient colours as they are stunning, Breathing Crystal being my personal favourite, but I must admit that the Aurora colour that I was sent out is actually much nicer when seen in person. Quite hard to capture on camera but @Tboy2000 took this picture under strong lights and it does it far more justice to the phone than any of mine.

Having established that I'm more interested in the tech behind the device the P30 pro definitely doesn't disappoint. The periscope camera with 5x optical zoom (10x Hybrid and 50x digital) is perhaps the most obvious innovation and although incredibly amazing I'd argue that it's not the most important one. In my opinion I'd give that honour to the super spectrum sensor in the main camera. Absolutely all cameras up until this point in time (as far as I'm aware) have all used RGB (Red,Green,Blue) sensors while the P30 pro(and P30) use a newly developed RYYB (Red,Yellow,Yellow,Blue) main sensor.

So what's the difference and why is this important?

Without delving deep into the science behind the principal, basically having the two yellow sensors instead of the blue one allows the camera to capture far more light and a much larger spectrum of colours. However this isn't how humans see and it's a computational nightmare to take all this extra information and then recreate a picture with colours that look accurate to us. That's why no other manufacturers have gone down this route before. However the clever boffins at Huawei have figured this out using clever algorithms and then harnessing the power of the Kirin 980 processor to do the complex math required. More amazingly to me this all happens in real time and is why I think it's the phones greatest innovation. Impressive stuff indeed and were not even touching upon the amazing benefits this has for night time photography.

However all this is meaningless if it doesn't actually work in practice so I'm pleased to report that it definitely does most of the time. In fact it's usually more accurate to real life than the phones other camera sensors that tend to be somewhat over saturated, this can lead to some colour discrepancy when switching between sensors.

Looking at the two pictures and the colour differences in the blue sky I actually prefer the less accurate colours in the wide angle picture, however the colour in the other picture is much closer to what I observed in real life. Perhaps a future software update may be able to calibrate the sensors for more uniformed accuracy. I also found the colours to be more accurate when turning off the Master Ai within the camera settings. I was happy enough just to leave this switched on and let the phone do its thing.

Here's a few more examples of completely un-edited results.

and a few others using some of the other camera modes

Light Painting (silky water)

Super macro


Another shocking revelation, Apparently this device can actually make phone calls, send messages, watch videos, play music, change TV channels, play games, surf the interwebs and loads of other features that perhaps if I'd stopped playing with the camera I might actually have tried out 🙈.
So if your looking for perhaps the most versatile camera on the market that just happens to be a phone. I think this is currently one of the best if not thee best option available. A big thumbs up from me 👍

(Bonus fact, all these pictures were taken in under ten miles from my home in Scotland)

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Very nice blog Jase, here is behind the scenes lol😛

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😂😂 didn't know you'd taken that
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Ha yes I agree with your shocking revelation. It's not a phone with a camera, it's a camera with a phone 😁😁😁