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IF it transpires it WAS my tablet, then I refer to the fact that I did not damage it with water in anyway, and that it MUST have happened BEFORE I purchased the tablet. Either way, I have been cheated out of a tablet. THIS is why I am so angry with huawei.
And i did not mean to shout at you, I am just so pissed off with the entire episode. If you were cheated like this I bet you would feel the same. It doesnt help when no one can see the truth and so called repair shops provide random images as "evidence". Would THEY accept evidence if I open another Tab with NO corrosion and posted it here as mine??? NO! because a image with no reference is meaningless.
I understand that you are upset by this situation.

Having worked for a repair center, it is unconceivable to void the warranty for no reason, and repair center procedures are often very strict.
After I do not know at all the repair center or was sent your tablet.

English is not my first language and probably I have trouble expressing my ideas 😕
You have good English, I understand well.

I too used to do repair and rework. I know how to look after devices. Indeed, I keep my tablets and phones above the desk surface with holders. So away from any potential spillages - not that I have had any!

With the logic I know I didnt water damage the tablet, I follows that the image cannot be of my tablet...UNLESS it was damaged BEFORE I bought it.

That is my position.