Weekend Break to Malaga with my Mate 20 Pro

  • 25 March 2019
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Weekend Break to Malaga with my Mate 20 Pro
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And relax...
After a nice early start we caught a plane from Gatwick to Malaga for a relaxing 60th Birthday weekend for my Wife’s Father, once we had landed and worked out how we were going to get 16 people from the airport to our apartment we relaxed with the first of many cerveza’s, luckily there was a spanish tapas bar on the corner of the road that our apartments where on.

Exploring the town
Malaga was the birth place of Picasso, born in 1881 and you can see the influence he has had on the city with lots of tributes and museums dedicated to him, most people in our little group where surprised to learn that he had lived till 1973.

Castillo Alcazabar
Walking around and exploring we came across the Castillo Alcazabar and El Teatro Romano the amphitheater is the oldest monument in Málaga City. The theatre was built in the first century BC, under Emperor Augustus.

El Teatro Romano
On 15 September 2011, 27 years after reconstruction began, El Teatro Romano reopened to the public, and held its first stage performances for millenia.

The beach
Now you can’t very well go to Spain and not visit the beach, the views and the walks along here where stunning, however we did not go for a swim, the sea was just about warm enough to be able to dip your toe in.

Plaza del Obispo
Is at the bottom of Malaga’s impressive Cathedral, the colours and architecture here were amazing and made for an obligatory pose a must.

Catedral de le Encarnacion de Malaga
This imposing structure looking down over the Plaza del Obispo, locals call the Cathedral La Manquita which means one armed Lady. We climbed all the way to the top of the Cathedral 187 steps up and 187 steps down.

The Bell Tower
La Manquita means one armed lady, the cathedral is known as this due to only having the one completed bell tower. And a picture of the view from the top looking down over the square.

The wide mode on the Mate 20 pro really came into its own once inside the beautiful Cathedral. The phots really do not do it justice with the size and scale of the place. If you are in Malaga it is definitely worth a visit. Really enjoyed exploring this magnificent building and seeing all the history about how it came about! Some photos of the inside:

Oh night mode you….
Damn, the night mode on the Mate 20 Pro blew me away whilst in Malaga and helped me capture some of the best photos I think I have ever taken. I mean look at that reflection on the pic below.

Looking back at night across the Port of Malaga our weekend break had come to an end, what a place, lots of Tapas had been eaten and only a few Cerveza’s drunk, well maybe more than a few, overall a great weekend away and as usual the Mate 20 Pro was by my side to capture it in all its detail. For more photos that don’t make the blogs please check my Instagram account goldengrahams1983. 😃

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Very nice!! I want a holiday!!