Why I switched to Huawei

Why I switched to Huawei
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So for about 6-7 years, I had used iPhones after going across to the darkside, mostly because of work. I started with an iPad 3rd generation, which to be fair I loved and used much more than my laptop at the time. This then lead onto my first iPhone, the iPhone 5C. some may argue that it's not the best place to start but I liked the colours. The couple of phones I had before the iPhone where the Lumia820 and the Lumia1020 which if you remember had an amazing 41mp camera on the back. I loved this phone and was gutted when I broke it, and so started my Apple journey.

Why the backstory you say, I’ve not always used Apple since day dot and felt this was important to convey. Having had the iPhone 5C I then moved to the iPhone 6 then the iPhone 6s and then currently the iPhone 7 in Red. What can I say, I like colours. In between this my laptop had died and been replaced with a MacBook Pro which I’m currently writing this on. So it’s fair to say that I have used a few wide and varied Apple products.

Some, and I repeat, some of the stuff for someone that isn’t that techy is great, however...

Battery, what is that about? At times it makes you wonder if Apple has heard of them with the length of time they last on a day to day basis. I mean, come on, I would like to get past 14:00 without having to re-plug it back in.

About the camera
Throughout my iPhone journey I never really felt that I had got back to the quality of my Lumia1020. The photos never looked that great on the range of iPhones that I had. Which led me to take a proper camera around with me. This was bulky and annoying and the wife would moan that I would never take this anywhere fun or risky, it mostly stayed at home in its protective bag.

Then, along came Huawei
My first experience as a user of this was a Huawei P10. Wow! The camera blew me away, what I could do on it, this was September of 2017. Then the Mate10 came out and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these bad boys, it still had an amazing camera but the battery was amazing, at this point I was still using my iPhone 7 as my main phone and the Mate10 was my work phone.

Roll around to April 2018 and the launch of the P20Pro. Let’s face it, it was love at first sight! That Twilight colouring, the insane camera and talk of an even better battery life. I was hooked and upgraded, I relegated my iPhone to my work phone, it now needs charging 3 times a day…….

You can see my usage of the camera in the other blogs in the photography section.

I now have an amazing device that works incredibly
I don’t have to worry about charging it every 5 minutes and I no longer have to carry around a bulky camera with me to capture either something silly or amazing moments. Shots like below, we spent all day out on an excursion in New Zealand, took 100+ photos and not a worry about a thing, just enjoying the views and the memories that we were making.

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Nice blog Golden! I used to use Lumia, I loved mine!! 1020 I had in black, always wanted the yellow!! It was a very ahead of its time device!! And the camera was awesome!!
And your pics are fantastic!
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I had the 920 nokia again for the camera but the battery was so frustrating I just couldnt keep it so I moved to apple land.
I went through upto the 6 plus then the Lecia name with the P9 enticed me and tbh it was the best phone I had ever used by miles. I loved by p9 and I upgraded to the mate 10 pro which has the similar size but bigger screen.

I also really like the huawei budget phones as they pack a punch for such an entry point.

Looking forward to using a mate 20 lite in the phone shop at the weekend and for the announcement on the mate 20 pro.

The square camera module looks interesting.

Ive another year on my contract with the mate pro so looks like my next upgrade might be thr dare I say it p30?
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Rick F wrote:

Nice blog Golden! I used to use Lumia, I loved mine!! 1020 I had in black, always wanted the yellow!! It was a very ahead of its time device!! And the camera was awesome!!
And your pics are fantastic!

I had the yellow Lumia 1020 😎
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Great blog, enjoyed the read 👍🏻
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Great story, I had the yellow 1020 and I loved it until they replaced 8.1 with 10 and eventually ended windows on the phone. It's only now so many years later with my new Mate 20X that I finally have a camera as great EVEN better than that old mellow yellow beauty.
hello all my problem is ive been using huawei phones and tablets for the past six years and they all have or had problems with them, so now alass my next phone wont be huawei seems to me they rush the phones out before they have been tested to the max and rather that make it easy to upgrade your phones operating system they want to push there next new one in your face ,so use to love them now i hate them
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Hi @Ihatelies, Welcome on the community!

Sorry to read that you are having problems with your Huawei devices. If you have questions about software updates please read this topic. Regarding other problems, please check out our F.A.Q. topic. Want to start a new topic? Click here.

This community is here to help you and to get the most out of your products! 🙂
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Good read👍🏾....thanks.


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