Why I switched to Huawei

  • 26 September 2018
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Why I switched to Huawei

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I'm not a picky person about my phones, never have been so when my phone broke and I needed to choose a new one I went with Huawei for the camera (we moved to the coast so lots of beach pictures were going to be taken). In terms of functionality I have never had a phone that I couldn't get used to or had many issues with. Until now. Decided to go with the p30 lite and I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I have had nothing but issues in the 3-4 weeks I have owned it and all the response I seem to get from Huawei is 'that shouldn't be happening, read this thread' it's hard to expect someone to search for every single issue they run into when the issues are endless and many don't have a reliable solution anywhere. At this point I'm ready to sell the phone and be done with Huawei because it's not worth the frustration. The camera is great but that's about it.

I have been a keen user of Huawei phone's for several years, and have periodically upgraded as newer phones were released.

My main reason for owning and using regularly the Huawei P30 Pro is the camera facilities it offers, and the excellent quality of the images produced.

Interesting, I have always used SLR cameras, and then DSLR' s as they became available.

Now I rarely use my Nikon DSLR, because it's much easier to always have a camera (currently the P30 Pro) in my pocket, at all times of day (and night).
Hello, I switched from Apple Watch, original series 1 and after all the year finally cracked the screen, to the Watch GT.

The change was made firstly on the big price difference between a new Apple Watch and Watch GT, but also on the fact, that I really don't use more of a smart watch as the Watch GT offers. After now using it for 2 weeks, I am very happy that I made the change and the most stunning is the battery life. So far I have only once charged the battery - amazing.

I stay on a farm in South Africa. Right near the border with Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Due to the harsh environment I work in, I don't use (and can't afford) an expensive phone. But I've always wanted to be able to capture some of the beautiful scenes I see on a daily basis. This is why, when yet another cheap phone packed in, I looked at an affordable phone with a better camera that falls within my budget.

My choice was the Y5 2019. This despite all the scares of not going to be able to use a Huawei with America's stance towards Huawei. I haven't regretted my choice for one moment!

I'm treating it like a baby so that it doesn't get damaged. I especially enjoy the long battery life even with our pathetic signal quality that runs down a battery very quickly.
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I had an Huawei phone years ago before they were well-known in the UK. I cannot remember the model at the time but it was very innovative, well past their (future) competition.
However, despite how happy I was, I drifted back to Apple and stayed with Apple up until the iPhone XS MAX. The iPhone is a solid phone, however, the battery...not the best and I am a heavy user.

Decided to keep the iPhone for work and purchase the P30 PRO; well a great phone, one I am now trailing as my daily driver. The downside I have to the phone is the lack of an upper speaker to give the stereo surround, however, the bottom firing speaker is a pretty loud one.

The cameras on the P30 PRO are excellent; you cannot hold an iPhone and Huawei camera side by side as they are not in the same league. I take a lot of photos in my job, therefore, a good quality camera is essential; I am very happy with the cameras and the editing verity is class-leading.

I wouldn't say I won't drift back to Apple in a few releases as I like the iOS software and the productivity, however, Huawei has won me over with the P30 PRO and I look forward to a couple of years usage.